Since 1999 I have develop the skills and ability to perfection old-fashioned recipes, making everything from scratch and learning the different techniques in the cake decoration industry. Back in 1999 my interest for baking woke up in myself, self tough at first , then taking cake decorating classes here and there. Through all these years I have become who I am now in the business of baking.  I understand that you have options when it comes to Dessert Shop businesses, so we do everything possible to keep your business. My dedication and loving to bake and decorate cakes allows me to work after hours, detect the products you need as well as help you get through trying times by serving you with the best tasting products. I promise to provide you with the best products for the best price, and promise to do everything I can to remain to be your Baker.

Thank you for your orders. 

Sincerely, Elvie